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MySQL 8 loves Javascript @jsfoo

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Presented at the JSFoo conference for the first time.

The slides are uploaded here https://www.slideshare.net/SanjayManwani/mysql-8-loves-javascript via @SlideShare

Quick impression on the conference:

1. Very buzzy you could see the high energy levels.  Lots to learn about javascript and the speakers were also enthusiastic to speak. 700 attendees.

2. The focus was spot on. Security is something that everyone is worried about.

3. Staff was always on the spot and helpful. The organization looked great with the big video boards announcing the next talk etc.

4. It was also informal communication between the speakers with there being a whatsapp group for speaker to interact with one another.

5. A few things that I did point out to organizers e.g. the banners on the road outside were not there  (disallowed because of a government conference that was happening in parallel), more aspirational attendees etc.

All in all a big thanks to the has geek organizers, did enjoy the conference and would like to continue to be a part of the hasgeek conferences.

(Photo courtesy:  official jsfoo photo tweeted by Zainab)


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