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Talking at Open Source India 2014

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I will be talking at Open Source India scheduled at NIMHANS convention center at Bangalore on 7th and 8th of Nov 2014.

Oracle has been associated with the Open Source India conference for the past 4 years and this will be the 5th year when we will be taking part in this conference and talking about MySQL to the open source community.

OSI gives us a great opportunity and a platform to speak to and hear from the open source community. There have been some great interactions with developers, users, customers of MySQL and some really great people involved with the open source movement in India.

We look forward to interact with the open source community again. While we will likely learn much this conference about the progress of the open source community in India, we will also be informing you about the fantastic progress Oracle has made with MySQL in the past year. There are 5 sessions related to MySQL at OSI 2014

1. State of Penguin & Dolphin at 2.15 PM on 7th Nov.

It has indeed been a very exciting year for MySQL. I will be sharing the high level update for the exciting things happening at Oracle.

2. MySQL High Availability with Replication at 12.15 PM on 8th Nov

Oracle’s MySQL Engineers will talk about MySQL Fabric, which is a new sharding and HA solution for MySQL. Other new exciting replication features available for early access and feedback via labs.mysql.com include MySQL Group replication, which is the beginning of a Master-Master replication. We will also discuss new enhancements like multi-source replication, which allows you to aggregate the data from several servers for uses cases like backup or analytics.

3. Mapping with MySQL at 3.15 PM on 8th Nov

With the extensive usage of maps and graphical data, we want to provide native capabilities to consume and manipulate graphical data in next generation Web applications. This will be the session to inform you about the GIS capabilities built into the Development Milestone Releases of MySQL 5.7.

4. Improving Management Efficiency and Cloudscale of MySQL at 10.45 AM on 8th Nov

Our MySQL Cluster solution is now at the core of nearly all mobile provider networks for realtime delivery of mission critical data in order to make mobile connections possible. You will hear about the latest developments in the Development Milestone Release of MySQL Cluster 7.4, which now delivers geo-replication using asynchronous replication between MySQL Clusters.

5. MySQL Performance tuning at 10. 45 AM on 7th Nov 2014

If you want to get your hands dirty, hacking into MySQL, there is a workshop about tuning MySQL and all the metadata that is produced in the guts of the database as each query executes, or slows down or stalls. The dashboards and UI screens that simplify examining this metadata will also be explained.

This year we also share space at OSI with another Oracle open source product, namely Oracle Linux. I will leave the explanation of their sessions at OSI to the experts from that space in their own blogs.

Look forward to seeing you at OSI.


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